Sewing Machines, Cabinets & Accessories( Vintage)
Vintage & Modern Sewing Cabinets
Modern for those portable machines $40
Most  $25 Each  New Inventory
I have good quality sewing cabinets

Singer, Kenmore, White,. Brother
& Other Vintage Sewing Machine
as well as Free ARM Machines....
Some newer portable machines
Great collection adding more all
the time...I have a machine for
any sewer....
most of my machines have all
metal parts that will last forever.

I have more machines than I can
picture on my website ...most are
$95  I clean & oil my
machines....they are in good
I even have machines for the "Man
Cave" simple basic machines

Call or email for more information

most will have basic  instructions, power
cords & foot pedal, sewing feet  &   needles
Sewing Machine Accessories...includes professional buttonholers, blind stitch attachment, vintage Zig-Zag
attachments, low-shank & high shank sewing feet,, rufflers, open toe etc.  click on the Sewing Accessories page
I have several foot pedals for
sale..this one fits
Singer 2210.
DSX, DSXII, Quantum LE,
Quantum XL1000, Quantum
XL5000, Quantum XL6000,
Quantum XL100, Quantum
XL150, Professional SX,
SX100 & XL100, XL1000 &
also the Bernina 2000DCE.
regularly $122 my price $50
Sewing Baskets...make your own  $25  some newer
some vintage
Please contact:
Anne at
23-760-7871  or

sewing machines,
cabinets, portable
carrying cases
some vintage,  
sewing accessories
to many to list &
sewing baskets
made to order....
If it is not listed I still
might have
or call me

Thanks for looking.


The Singer sewing machine revolutionized
both industry and boutique fashion. The
eponymous inventor, Isaac Merrit Singer,
was born to modest circumstances in
Pittstown, NY in the early 1800s. Singer
began tinkering in inventing  he became
embroiled in a epic patent war against
other people who claimed to have invented
automatic sewer. These rivals included
Walter Hunt and Elias Howe.
Singer Touch & Sew Cams  $20 or $2 a
piece for up to 3 Cams
Vintage Singer 99K Machine & case   $175
with knee nicely
Janome Model 108   with dust cover   $110
comes with all original parts..nice condition
little arm..extension table slides
out nice portable sewing machine that will
hem those denim shorts or pants with ease